Online Lessons

As an experienced and highly motivated online teacher I am always learning how to teach successfully and my goal is your learning success in every lesson.

I love working with games, podcasts, music..everything to boost your Spanish while having fun!


  • Focused on the student with tailored lessons
  • Working along with me, letting me know what your main interests and previous knowledge are.
  • Improve your pronunciation from the first day with real conversation
  • Daily backup on exercises
  • Flexible timetable and working at your own pace
  • Only one or two students in the classroom
  • Practice every lesson with interactive exercises 
  • Collaborative learning with flipped classroom
  • Conversation from the first day
  • Gamification with plenty of new fun lessons every week


  • Start from the first day and practice basic vocabulary and simple sentences with conversation
  •  Focus on pronunciation from the first day
  • Work with exercises and interactive book at home
  • Get the feedback and corrections to improve grammar and pronunciation


  • Boost your grammar skills with practical conversation
  • Keep building up your vocabulary 
  • Learn more advanced grammar 
  • Prepare your exams


  • Practice and improve Spanish by listening, speaking, reading and writing adapted to more advanced levels
  • Real conversations listening to podcasts, radio programs, etc.
  • Conversation on topics meaningful to you
  • Get ready for your exams